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We are NOT a traditional HOA, we are simply a social organization, a non-profit HA. There are no HOA fees. The Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA) does not own any of the common areas. They are all owned by Oak Run Associates, Ltd. (DECCA), the developer. The residents pay a "Services Fee" (similar to an Amenities Fee) to DECCA. The ORHA Board of Directors and various Officers are in charge of the use and scheduling of all common area venues.

The monthly Services Fee covers weekly garbage and yard waste pick-up, 24-hour security, basic cable TV (22 channels), community Channel-12 TV (info station for clubs, etc.), use of all facilities, maintenance of all recreational and common areas. The average services fee is $118 with the lower numbered neighborhoods being the lowest and the upper numbered neighborhoods the highest.

There are two types of properties in Oak Run, regular homesites and 'Maintained' homesites. With a maintained homesite the services (amenities) fee includes these extra services: sprinkler system and the water used; mowing, edging, fertilizing and weed control of the lawn; trimming and mulching of the landscaping (unless you alter something). Villa homesites also include exterior painting every 5 years. With a regular homesite you're on your own to provide the above services.

The best way to know what a particular homesite's Services Fee will be is to contact the listing real estate agent or the DECCA offices (HERE). There are so many variables that go into this fee it would be extremely difficult for us to list all possible fee examples. And, the basic fees increase as you select premium services such as internet, phone, extended TV, movie channels, & HD.
Our Mission
Our primary purpose is to organize the recreational, social & cultural activities desired by the residents & to facilitate discussion and communication among the Members and Management of Oak Run.
Meeting Info and Dates
The Neighborhood Rep meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the Island Club at 9AM. The ORHA Board Workshop follows the Neighborhood Rep meetings. During June, July and August the Neighborhood Rep meeting and the ORHA Board Workshop become part of the regular General meeting.

Regular General meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month in the Orchid Club Auditorium at 9AM. All decisions regarding your Association are discussed and voted on at these meetings. Many other items of interest to all Oak Run residents are also presented at the meetings. See you there.

Any and all meetings where business is voted upon are open to residents.


2015  ORHA Meetings

Nbhd Rep Meeting on first Monday at
9AM in the Island Club (unless noted)
Board Workshop follows

General Meeting on second
Wednesday at 9AM in the Orchid
Club Auditorium (unless noted)
Jan 5
 Jan 14
Feb 2
 Feb 11
 Mar 2
 Mar 11
 Apr 6
 Apr 8
 May 4
 May 13
combined with General Mtg.
 Jun 10
combined with General Mtg.  Jul 8
combined with General Mtg.  Aug 12
 Sep 8 (first Mon is Labor Day)  Sep 9
 Oct 5
 Oct 14
 Nov 2
 Nov 11
 Dec 7
 Dec 9

2015 Check Signing
Card Room, 9:00AM to 9:30AM, first & third Tuesday each month, unless noted
Jan 6 & 20 Feb 3 & 17 Mar 3 & 17 Apr 7 & 21
May 5 & 19 Jun 2 & 16 Jul 7 & 21 Aug 4 & 18
Sep 1 & 15 Oct 6 & 20 Nov 3 & 17 Dec 1 & 15

ORHA Scheduler  (requesting a venue)  
There are various venues in Oak Run that can be reserved for parties, meetings, etc. For more info contact the Scheduler, Marie Davis, 854-3012. Room Request Forms are in the Card Room cabinet. You can print an online Form to drop off at the Card Room. Email Forms can be sent to you, filled in and then emailed back to the Scheduler at orhasch@gmail.com.
Room Requesters  ( venue responsibilities )
Every Oak Run facility Room Request that a requester signs comes with responsibilities.

1. There is a table and chair placement schematic posted at all of our facilities, Orchid Club, Island Club and Palm Grove. It is the responsibility of the user to place tables and chairs as indicated on the schematic back in place when your activities are over.

2. Trash must be bagged and put in dumpster nearby each facility and the can liner replaced for the next user.

3. Floors must be vacuumed as needed, if for some reason the vacuum cleaner has a problem call your DOD.

4. Kitchen, counter tops and equipment must be cleaned of grease. Damp mop floor as needed.

5. PERK coffee pots, if used, must be cleaned.

6. There is a trash can at the Orchid Club and Palm Grove plainly marked for Aluminum cans so please no trash.

Groups that have weekly functions sometimes forget to call the DOD (director on duty). This should be done at least 5 days in advance, no later than 3 days prior to your function, if the sound room or kitchen is needed. If you choose not to call you may find yourself without a DOD available. If you are not on the DOD's schedule he/she may make their own personal plans and not be available for your call. At that point the only thing to do is to start down the Director list until you find one willing to help you.
Phone Book Updates
A listing, by Neighborhood, of all of the residents that are in the current Oak Run Phone Book, is given to all Reps for their Neighborhood. This listing is for the Neighborhood Rep to keep for making the appropriate changes and is sequenced by address for ease of verification of the information.

All Phone Book additions, corrections and deletions are handled by Bill Balch (see the Oak Run phone book for the appropriate form). For help, contact Bill at 854-4963 or by email at wgbalch@gmail.com. You can mail the form to him at 10887 SW 69th Circle, Ocala, FL 34476 or put it in the Activities Box at his front door, NOT in the cubby (Crescent Oaks). To print a Form, click.

We also have an online form for your convenience. You no longer need to use a printed form if you don't want to. The 'Phone Book Update' online form is availableHERE.

The boxes on the Update Form are to be used as follows:

New Listing is selected when you are not in the current phone book at THIS HOUSE NUMBER. This usually means someone who is new to Oak Run but it also applies to someone who currently lives in Oak Run, but, in a different house.

Correction is selected when you are changing the information currently in the phone book, such as a phone number.

Deletion is selected when a person has moved and therefore is no longer living at that address in the current phone book or if they wish to be removed from the phone book.

If you have a question, please call Bill at 854-4963.
Insurance Information
ORHA Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

A copy of the ORHA Insurance Policy declarations pages is at the copy machine in the library for anyone wanting to read it. You may make a copy of this document for your own use at normal copy costs or print it now from the links below.

To view, download, save or print the entire PDF, click or tap either image below.


Coffee Users Policy
ORHA no longer provides coffee to clubs, groups, or private parties. Coffee is available for ORHA FUNCTIONS ONLY. Any Club, Group or Neighborhood function may use our PERK coffee pots and provide your own supplies such as coffee, creamers or cream, sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee cups, stirrers, etc. You will find PERK coffee pots at the Orchid Club and the Palm Grove.
Sound Room & Kitchen
Clubs, groups and organizations that need to have the Sound Room and/or Kitchen opened, should contact the Director-on-Duty,  NOT SECURITY .. Requests must be made at least 3 days before the requested opening. Any request made with less than 3 days notice may not be granted and is at the discretion of the Director on Duty.