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Oak Run Homeowners Association
Deed Restrictions
and Covenants
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Neighborhood Documents: These PDF files were created from documents available in the Oak Run Library next to the copy machine. They are not intended to be all inclusive of the documents you receive during closing. Complete documents for your property can be obtained from the Marion County Clerk of the Court. Special thanks to Dave Stott for scanning these documents and providing them to the website.
Nbhd 1 thru 12 Baytree Greens

Baytree Greens

Crescent Oaks

Crescent Oaks
Eagles Point Fairway Oaks
Fairway Oaks
Cottage Series
Hillside Hillside
Cottage Series
Laurel Oaks
Laurel Oaks
Parkview Preserve
Cottage Series
Timbergate Timbergate
Woodside Woodside
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Oak Run is a Senior Living 55+ community in which at least one resident of each household is required to be Age 55 or older. All residents must also be 18 years of age or older. Younger guests may visit for no more than 30 days in any calendar year. Owner may delegate his right of enjoyment to the Recreation Areas to his tenant, family members or bona fide guests (defined as a guest staying with the owner for 24 hours or more). All guests must be accompanied by homeowner or tenant when using the Recreation Areas.

Here are some of the restrictions from the Declaration of Oak Run, listed for convenient quick reference. The list is not inclusive of the terms of any restriction. There may be additional terms, conditions, and exceptions. Refer to your original Declaration for the full text of each restriction. Violations of the deed restrictions may lead to penalty assessments and legal action. Review your closing documents for the appropriate Declaration and Amendments for your property.

- All properties are held, transferred, sold, conveyed and, occupied subject to the restrictions.

- All changes and improvements require Architectural Review Board (ARB) written approval.

- All landscaping plans or changes must also be approved by the Architectural Review Board. (Sod replacement is the responsibility of each homeowner)

- Homes and homesites must be kept in good maintenance and repair by each owner.

- Window and wall air conditioning units are not permitted in or on a living unit.

- Awnings, canopies and shutters require approval by the Architectural Review Board.

- Pools and pool enclosures are subject to approval by the Architectural Review Board.

- Homesites are for residential use only, and by not more than four (4) residents per unit.

- Homesites and living units may not be divided or subdivided.

- No temporary or mobile structure may be used as a living unit at any time.

- Removal of trees more then three inches in diameter or five feet in height requires ARB approval.

- All homesite landscaping shall be kept in live, neat, clean, and orderly condition.

- Easements for streets, roads, walks, utilities, or drainage may not be planted on or obstructed.

- Parking for vehicles other than passenger automobiles is restricted (see Declaration for details).

- Parking and storage of vehicles is restricted to driveways and specifically designated areas.

- No more than two motor vehicles may be kept at any homesite at one time.

- Motor vehicle repair and maintenance on a homesite are prohibited (with minor exceptions).

- Unregistered vehicles may not be kept at a homesite.

- No items of any kind may be stored outside a living unit, including hoses, ladders, and chairs.

- Driveway must be maintained in the original form and style, except changes approved by ARB.

- Trash and waste of every kind must be kept in sanitary containers, out of sight from streets (garbage may be placed adjacent to the street for pick-up not earlier than 2 hours prior to pick-up and removed from curbside not later than 2 hours after pick-up).

- Tanks and other containers must also be located and installed out of sight, as approved by ARB

- Burning of every kind is prohibited on homesites.

- Signs of every kind are prohibited on homesites, both inside and outside a living unit.

- No more than two (2) domesticated pets may be kept on a homesite. Other restrictions apply.

- No business or commercial activity of any kind may be conducted on a homesite.

- Leases of living units must be for a duration of not less than three months.

- Leases must contain provisions and meet other restrictions set forth in the Declaration.

- No fence may be erected on a homesite without ARB approval. Various restrictions apply.

- Individual homesite fencing is not permitted in Eagles Point.

- Gardens are restricted as to location, size, and use. See Declaration.

- Hedges may be no more than six (6) feet in height and must adhere to County restrictions.

- Installation of a water sprinkler system must receive the approval of the ARB.

- No antenna, electric or electronic equipment may be attached to the exterior of a living unit.

- Size, design, location, and material of mailboxes and other receptacles require ARB approval.

- Exterior lighting must be installed to avoid annoyance of others and adverse effect on traffic.

- Front of homesite post lights must be maintained by owners in working order at all times.

- One portable, umbrella-type clothesline is permitted for weekday use only from 10:00AM to 4:00PM in back yards only. Villas and cottage umbrellas are permitted only within courtyards. Other restrictions apply.

- Outside decorations and ornaments are prohibited in any front yard or attached to any living unit (owners may have seasonal decorations for periods not to exceed 2 weeks before and 1 week after the holiday).

- Screens and screening of every kind are limited to the interior of living units and screened rooms.

- Use of lakes and ponds is subject to a variety of restrictions set forth in the Declarations.

- Nuisance on a homesite includes activities which interfere with the rights of other owners, or which deters from the beauty or natural aesthetics of Oak Run.