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(previously known as DECCA)

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You can call most of the above ORA-Ltd numbers (Mon - Fri) between 10:00AM and 4:00PM. RFID tags, ID Bracelets, RV Lot Rentals and Name Sign orders are by appointment only.

DDS Cable TV, ISP and Phone info page HERE
Royal Oaks Golf and Dining info page HERE
View Channel-12 Notices online HERE
Read Newsletter back issues online HERE
Note: This page is for informational purposes only, it is not an official Oak Run Associates, Ltd. web page.

Monthly Services Fee  (no HOA fee)
We are NOT a traditional HOA, we are simply a social organization, a non-profit HA. There are no HOA fees. The Oak Run Homeowners Association (ORHA) does not own any of the common areas. They are all owned by Oak Run Associates, Ltd. (ORA-Ltd), the developer. The ORHA Board of Directors and various Officers are in charge of the use and scheduling of all common area venues. The residents pay a "Services Fee" (similar to an Amenities Fee) to ORA-Ltd.

This monthly fee covers: weekly garbage and yard waste pick-up; 24-hour security; basic cable TV (36 channels with one free DTA); community Channel-12 TV (info station for clubs, etc); use of all facilities; maintenance of all recreational and common areas. The average services fee is $132 with the lower numbered neighborhoods being the lowest and the upper numbered ones the highest.

There are two types of properties in Oak Run, regular homesites and 'maintained' homesites. With a maintained homesite the services (amenities) fee includes these extra services: lawn sprinkler system and the water used; mowing, edging, fertilizing and weed control of the lawn; trimming and mulching of the landscaping (unless you alter something). Villa homesites also include exterior pressure washing once a year and painting every 5 years. With a regular homesite you're on your own to provide the above services.

The find out what a particular homesite's Services Fee is contact the listing real estate agent or the ORA-Ltd offices (see above). There are so many variables that go into this fee it would be extremely difficult for us to list all possible fee examples. And, the Services Fee increases as you elect premium services such as internet, phone, extended TV, movie channels, & HD. Fees are adjusted on a yearly basis to reflect the average CPI increase for the most recent 12 months.

Compare our amenitiesHERE

Car Decal (RFID)
Car decals are available for vehicles, allowing automated entry at any of the three resident gates. The decals may be purchased at Community Services, by appointment only. Call 854-6010.

Important Notices
1. If you or your contractor are planning to dig, call Sunshine One-Call Of Florida at 1-800-432-4770 to located buried cables and lines. Please call 3 days (72 hrs) in advance. The locate service is free. Repairing cut lines and cables is not free!

2. Please remember that each homeowner is responsible for maintaining their lamp post and mailbox, including, but not limited to, making sure your name and address are legible on the post at all times.

3. We have received notice from Mickey Thomason, Manager of the Cross Florida Greenway, that some Oak Run homeowners with properties adjacent to the Greenway are ILLEGALLY using this property for disposal of their tree, lawn & shrub debris. This not only creates a fire hazard but it complicates their efforts to try and do prescribed burnings. To prevent the involvement of Law Enforcement, this illegal act must stop immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Maintenance Program (maintained homesites)
We have put together this concise outline to answer any questions you may have on your Maintenance Program and when you can expect the various services throughout the year.

Weekly from April 1 to September 30 (weather permitting or as needed). Monthly or as needed, from October 1 to March 31 (to be determined by a ORA-Ltd representative).

All hard surfaces and beds bi-monthly from April 1 to September 30 and monthly from October 1 to March 31. If you have curbing we will weed but it will not be edged. Curbing is the sole responsibility of the homeowner as is it's maintenance and any damage to it.

Grass clippings shall be cleaned from walks and driveways
Once per year in December and March only to beds that have not been altered.
Pest Control:
All turf areas will
1. Be treated for Chinch Bugs and Mole Crickets eight times per year.
2. Receive four applications of liquid fertilizer in the growing season.
3. Receive four applications of granular fertilizer in spring and fall and one of the granular applications in cooler season will be winterized to permeate healthy root development.
4. Receive fungus control as needed.

After the turf has been established, turf will be irrigated one to two times per week as regulated by SWFWMD. Irrigation specialists check systems on a regular basis.

Weeding and Trimming:
Will be done only on unaltered beds once per month during the growing season, April 1 to September 30 (weather permitting).

This outline serves as the specific parameters of the Maintenance Program. Replacement is not included. Should you have any further questions, please check your Oak Run Covenants and Deed Restrictions, or contact Community Services.

Printable Forms
(click or tap any title, image or caption to download and print a form)
Services Request (ARB)
Maintained Homes Request
ARB request
These top two forms can be
dropped off at Community
Services and lobbies of the
Orchid Club or Palm Grove.

(no form required when
using email, see below)

maintained ARB
Services Request (ARB)
Maintained Homes Request
You can also email your request (no form required) using the instructionsHERE.
The Services Request form is used to request approval for homesite changes from the
Architectural Review Board, report any Deed Restriction Violations & request Facility Service.

Facility / Room Request Phone Directory Change Nbhd Reps Comment
for scheduling a venue
room request click here for .pdf 
to print or email
                                            request click here for .doc
to print or email
  or use the convenient
or use the fast and easy
Facility / Room Request
(with policies & procedures)
Phone Directory Change Nbhd Reps Comment
(for Reps use only)
take printed form to Card
Room or email form to
take paper form to Bill Balch's
front door 'Activities' box or
Community Services office
take to Community Services
office or the lobby box at the
Orchid Club or Palm Grove

ARB and Maintained Request Email Instructions
Architectural Review Board Requests may be sent by email to the following address:

Maintained Homesite Requests may be sent by email to the following address:

ALL emails must include the following information:
Your street address is to be used as the subject line of your email request.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Neighborhood
  • Phone Number
  • Include any additional email addresses you wish to use
  • Provide complete information describing your request
  • Scan and attach any supporting documents
  • Website links may also be used, if applicable

RV Parking Area
There is a designated parking area for RV's, boats, trailers, etc. adjacent to the water treatment plant. This compound is secured and lighted to ensure the safety of your property. For rental pricing and other information contact Community Services at 854-6010.

Security Gates Info
Security, Main Gate, SR-200   352-854-0024
Oak Run Security Chief   352-854-2299
Envera Customer Service   877-936-8372

Access your Envera account HERE .  . | . . Envera info and videos HERE

Using Envera online and mobile apps HERE.  . | . . Get Envera help HERE

The Envera system allows you to control the flow of your visitors
entering the community. Print the registration / update form

Call Community Services at 352-854-6010 to schedule a date and time to pick up your RFID tags.

Note: When entering information for guests, etc., into the portal, the name on the driver's license must be used, no nicknames. For example, if Joseph is the name on the license but he is called Joe, Joseph must be used.

Channel-12, Submit Notice
Email requests to, oakrunchannel12@deccacable.com, and provide all necessary information.

Submit your information as follows:

1. The name of the Organization submitting the request (for example, the New Jersey Club).
2. The name of the person submitting the request and their phone number.
3. The name of a contact person and their phone number if further information is required (if the same as the person above, use "Same").
4. The dates you want the announcement to run on Channel-12 (the limit is two weeks).
5. The desired message (please don't use all caps but do use abbreviations as much as possible).

The NJ Club's  Xmas Party
Wed, Dec 12, at 7PM in the Orchid Club
pork and chicken dinner by Royal Oaks
music by Charlie Daniel's Band
cost $5 member - $15 guest
Beth 234-5678

To view the Channel-12 notices online visit the Channel-12 Notices page HERE.

Newsletter, Advertising
Advertise in the Newsletter: online form HERE  or call HERE

Newsletter, Submit Article
Email your request to, oakrunnewsletter@deccacable.com, and provide all necessary information.

Articles submitted for the Newsletter should clearly indicate either the club, organization or purpose of the article. Articles must be NO LONGER THAN 200 WORDS. 

The sender must include their name and  phone number. Please submit all information to be published before the first of the month preceding the month of publication.

To view back issues of the Newsletter visit the Newsletter Archive page HERE.

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