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Oak Run Homeowners Association
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ORHA By-Laws permit only one ballot per home. Write-ins are allowed.
(Activities are required to follow all ORHA policies and procedures for facility usage)

2024 Info: The 2024 Oak Run Homeowners Association General Elections will be held on Saturday, January 13, from 8:00AM to Noon.

Each year, half of the 8 at-large seats on the Board of Directors are up for election for a two-year term of office. Additionally, with Director vacancies, there may be single-year terms elected.

Interested persons shall submit a statement indicating that they are a candidate, along with a brief biography, to the ORHA Nominations Chair, between October 1 at 12:01AM and November 30 at 5:00PM, precisely, via email at orhanominee@yahoo.com. Published biographies shall be limited to the first 200 words.

In addition, those who wish to become candidates for election to a one-year term as a Neighborhood Representative shall also submit their intentions to the Election Chair between October 1 at 12:01AM and November 30 at 5:00PM, precisely.

Candidates are listed on the ballot in the order that they are received. Direct your intentions to either the Nomination Chair (Board Seat) or Mickey Hoey (Nbhd Rep) via email.

Election Chair: Mickey Hoey, michoey.orhadod@yahoo.com, 646-879-3699
Nominations Chair, orhanominee@yahoo.com

Contact any Committee member for further information or our Facebook page, HERE.

Background: ORHA’s mission is to organize the recreational, social and cultural activities desired by the residents and to facilitate discussion and communication among the residents and Management of Oak Run.  ORHA does not manage the facilities, nor does ORHA organize or control the operations of the various Clubs. ORHA develops and maintains an administrative environment that is conducive to the establishment of a spectrum of social, cultural and recreational activities.

Prospective candidates are urged to review the following documents which define the ORHA purpose and practices, available using the links below.
Articles of Incorporation By-Laws of ORHA
Policies and Procedures Restrictions & Covenants
2023 Results: Amendment Results, HERE. Director Results, HERE. Nbhd Rep Results, HERE. You can also find election information on our Facebook page, HERE.
2022 Results: Director Results, HERE. Nbhd Rep Results, HERE.
Be a
I encourage all residents to consider volunteering to be an ORHA Director. I can tell you without hesitation that it has been very personally fulfilling to me for almost 3 years. Being your President for half of that time has allowed me to influence aspects of how ORHA attempts to meet members needs. I have been very fortunate to work with Directors who really care about Oak Run and its residents.

Caring and giving is what it is all about. There is some time involved in meetings and talking with residents but the trade-off is worth it. You are elected for only a two year term and can't serve more than 2 consecutive terms without rotating off the board.

There are two basic requirements. First, a Director is expected to attend 3 meetings; per month. More importantly the Bylaws state that a Director should miss no more than 3 of the monthly General meetings per year. Second, each Director must serve as Director on Duty (DOD) for one week out of each eight week period during the year. The DOD opens the sound rooms and kitchens when a club requests them and some of the time turns on the sound systems and get microphones ready for use. Every Director is fully trained by experienced Directors on this easy part of the task. On average during my weeks as DOD I will devote about 2-3 hours each week doing what is needed.

So what's not to love about this? Call any Director and tell them you are interested in being in the know in Oak Run and giving back to the community we all love.

Jim Waddell, ORHA President, 2010 and 2011
Be a
Nbhd Rep:
Perhaps the most important people within the Homeowners Association are the Neighborhood Reps. They are the liaison between the residents of their neighborhood and the ORHA Board and Oak Run Associates, Ltd. Upon assuming their position each Rep receives a booklet from the Board containing all the information necessary to perform their duties.

Reps attend one meeting a month with the ORHA Board. At this meeting they communicate the views and desires of the their residents, discuss matters of mutual interest and become knowledgeable of business conducted by the Board. They will also represent their neighborhood at the monthly ORHA General Meeting. Often times Reps will serve, if needed, on committees formed by the Board.

Reps greet new residents with a welcome packet and encourage all their residents to uphold the rules and regulations for use of the recreational facilities and to abide by the covenants and deed restrictions for their homesite. They deliver informational material authorized by the Board, such as the monthly Oak Run Newsletter, and assist in the distribution of the annual Oak Run Community Directory (phone book).

Many Reps will go beyond their usual duties, mentioned above, and arrange or assist with social and other activities within their neighborhood. They often keep an eye on homes of residents who travel and aid residents who are home bound because of illness or injury. They encourage their residents to participate in the many activities occurring throughout the year within the community.

Neighborhood Reps are a vital link between homeowners and management in Oak Run. They are needed by all, appreciated by most and heroes to many. Come forward ... join their ranks.

Ron Kenyon, ORHA Webmaster, 2011 - present